Craft a contemporary environment with Pirouette® Window Shadings, the alternative to typical fabric shades. Pirouette® Window Shadings consist of fabric vanes attached to the front of a sheer backing. When adjusting the vanes, watch as they move simultaneously and seamlessly. On the days that you want a clear vista, retract the shadings into the headrail.


Unobstructed Views

Pirouette® ClearView® Window Shadings maintain your view to the outside while filtering incoming light for a soft atmosphere.

Quality Look & Feel

HunterDouglas’ Alustra® collection was created to meet and surpass both designer and consumer expectations. Within this collection are multiple design-inspired hardware and fabrics for selection.

UV Protection

Make your flooring and furniture last longer with shade fabrics that can block anywhere from 86% to 100% of the suns intense rays.

Custom Fabrics & Colors

Available in multiple colors and opacities, choose the right fabric for your privacy and décor.


This system eliminates the need for cords and tapes by floating the vanes on the see-through backing.

Operating Systems


The PowerView® system allows you to program your window treatments to move at any given time. Using your smartphone, smart-home device or smart-home system, you can easily adjust at your convenience from any location. While at home, use the Pebble ® Remote that comes in a variety of colors.


The EasyRise™ system helps eliminate hanging cords with a continuous cord loop that delivers silky, hassle-free operation.


The ULTRAGLIDE® eliminates lose cords and is a great operating system for pet and child safety. The wand and cord always stay the same length while in use to safely move your shade.


The SoftTouch™ Motorization system lets you operate your shades with a simple touch, eliminating dangling cords. Simply push the wand up or pull it down to make your shade move in either direction.

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