Cellular Shades



The Duette® Honeycomb Shades are designed to help insulate a space throughout the year. Stress less about your bill with energy efficient window treatments that help trap air within the honeycomb design. Not only is the shade efficient it is also highly customizable, making it great for any room and window, including skylights and unique-shaped windows.


Money Saver

Research shows that you lose 30% of your energy at home because of windows. HunterDouglas’ Duette® shades aid in the prevention of energy loss by further insulating your house through trapping air in the honeycomb design. Additionally, their Duette Architella® adds a second layer to help insulate even more.

Room Darkening

With the addition of side channels designed to divert incoming light, the LightLock™ can help you achieve darkness like never before.

Door Treatments

HunterDouglas’ Vertiglide™ Transform your window treatments into door treatments. Use the Duette® shades to insulate both your small doors and large sliding doors. The split stack Vertiglide™ shade allows you to cover two parts of your door independently with two different shades.

Peace & Quiet

Duette® Honeycomb Shades help blockout and absorb sound, making your space silent and calm. They also help keep sound in, improving the acoustics in your room.

Most Options In The Industry

Duette® Shades are available for uniquely shaped windows and skylights. Cover your openings with the biggest collection of cellular colors, opacities, textures, pleat sizes and methods of operations.

Long Lasting

Worry less knowing HunterDouglas’ fabric resists fading and keeps pleats looking great with the test of time.

Operating Systems


The PowerView® system allows you to program your window treatments to move at any given time. Using your smartphone, smart-home device or smart-home system, you can easily adjust at your convenience from any location. While at home, use the Pebble ® Remote that comes in a variety of colors.


The EasyRise™ system helps eliminate hanging cords with a continuous cord loop that delivers silky, hassle-free operation.


The ULTRAGLIDE® eliminates lose cords and is a great operating system for pet and child safety. The wand and cord always stay the same length while in use to safely move your shade.


Cut the cord with the LiteRise® system, designed with a convenient handle to easily adjust the window treatment. Simply push or pull down with your hand.


Need a room divider or covering for your vertical openings? Vertiglide™ is a perfect choice for these situations. Works with both manual and motorized shades.


This option provides you ultimate versatility in directing incoming light. Simply slide the shade from the top or the bottom to desired height for privacy. Works with both manual and motorized shades.


A great option for flexibility, the Duolite ® design has two fabrics in a single shade -one being a sheer fabric that helps filter light while the other being a blackout for darkening. Works with both manual and motorized shades.


Available exclusively on Duette ® Honeycomb Shades the LightLock™ system allows for thorough sun blockage. No matter the time of day, enjoy your sleep. Available with LiteRise ® and PowerView ® Automation.


Have European style tilt-turn windows? Use TrackGlide™ to preserve your aesthetic while maintaining the benefits of your Duette ® Honeycomb Shades.


Created for skylights, the SkyLift™ system gives you control over your window treatments even when at a distance. Options include a hand crank, telescoping pole, or the ever advanced motorized system.


An additional way to control the light streaming from your skylights. This is a manual-only option.

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