Motorized Shutters



Palm Beach™ shutters are designed specifically to withstand extreme humidity and high temperatures. Crafted with UV-resistant Polysatin™ material, these shutters are not prone to warping, cracking, fading, chipping or peeling. A perfect option for a tropical home.


DuraLux™ Finish

Add this luxury treatment to create a matte finish on any shutter color.

Palm Beach Promise™

HunterDouglas offers a lifetime guarantee that your shutters will never warp, crack, fade, chip, peel or discolor.


Using the PowerView® system, operate the louvers on your shutters hands free or use the exclusive override feature to manually change the louver’s position. This combination provides the only motorized shutters on the market.


Aluminum materials coupled with resin maximizes the resiliency of the shutters.

Operating Systems


The PowerView® system allows you to program your window treatments to move at any given time. Using your smartphone, smart-home device or smart-home system, you can easily adjust at your convenience from any location. While at home, use the Pebble ® Remote that comes in a variety of colors.


The Bi-Fold Track system, ideal for large windows, simplifies the movement of your shutters. Hinged at a top track, the panels can easily glide to allow for a clear view.


HunterDouglas recommends the Bypass Track system for sliding doors, as they allow the shutter panels to move past each other without interruption.


Through the use of a hinge attached to the frame of your window, these panels can be moved aside to allow for the natural operation of your window.

Front Tilt Bar

To simplify the opening and closing of your shutters, select a front tilt bar. This can be manually operated by pulling on the bar attached to the front of the shutters.


This system uses a gear hidden inside the panel to create an unhindered view.

TruView™ Rear Tilt

To preserve the simplicity of a tilt bar but avoid the appearance, HunterDouglas’ TruView™ Rear Tilt system discreetly hides the bar behind the shutters. To operate, simply alter one louver to the desired position, and the rest will follow.

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